Miniature Bull Riders Association

The Leal and Shivers MBR Invitational V- Los Lunas, NM

Friday, March 17, 2017

Pee Wee Round 1

1st-Tucker Willis- 77 pointss

2nd- Jase Miller-76 points

3rd- Brayden Brown- 72 points

Noah Lee- 72 points

Orion Grimes- 72 points

6th- Miguel Martinez- 64 points

Junior Round 1

1st- Joao Crimber- 80 points

2nd- Jayden Batchelor- 77 points

3rd- Ryder Carpenetti- 76 points

4th- Braxton Thompson- 74 points

5th- Ethan Winckler- 70 points

Senior Round 1

1st- Trevor Hebert- 80 points

2nd- Travis Wimberley- 76 points

3rd- Seth Prejeant- 74 points

4th- Lance Lara- 73 points

5th- Bradlee Miller0 72 points

Saturday, March 18, 2017

Pee Wee Round 2 

1st- Tucker Willis- 76 points

Jase Miller- 76 points

3rd- Trigger Ladd- 75 points

Gavin Firnekas- 75 points

5th- Brayden Brown- 74 points

Junior Round 2 

1st- Brock Poulin- 85 points

2nd- Ryker Butler- 84 points

3rd- Tryan Gill- 79 points

4th- Joao Crimber- 77 points

5th- Hagen Braswell- 75 points

6th- Braxton Thompson- 74 points

Senior Round 2

1st- Braydan Kilcrease- 83 points

2nd- Lance Lara- 79 points

3rd- Seth Prejeant- 72 points

4th- Bradlee Miller- 69 points

Ryan Rought- 69 points

Pee Wee Average

1st- Tucker Willis- 153 points

2nd- Jase Miller- 152 points

3rd- Brayden Brown- 146 points

4th- Trigger Ladd- 75 points

Gavin Firnekas- 75 points

6th- Orion Grimes- 72 points

Noah Lee- 72 points

8th- Miguel Martinez- 64 points

Junior Average

1st- Joao Crimber- 157 points

2nd- Braxton Thompson- 148 points

3rd- Brock Poulin- 85 points

4th- Ryker Butler- 84 points

5th- Tryan Gill- 79 points

6th- Jayden Batchelor- 77 points

7th- Ryder Carpenetti- 76 points

8th- Hagen Braswell- 75 points

9th- Ethan Winckler- 70 points

Senior Average 

1st- Lance Lara- 152 points

2nd- Seth Prejeant- 146 points

3rd- Bradlee Miller- 141 points

4th- Braydan Kilcrease- 83 points

5th- Trevor Hebert- 80 points

6th- Travis Wimberley- 76 points

7th- Ryan Rought- 69 points

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