Miniature Bull Riders Association

Giving Thanks to the Lord!

Miller FamilyIn 2013, I can remember the day that Bradlee’s parents called the MBR to find out more information on the organization. The one thing that I don’t like telling families is that we have already reached our limit on members, but I could put them on a waiting list. The Miller’s still put their membership in and all they could do was wait and pray that a spot would become available. A week later, I believe?it was, I had a rider cancel and Bradlee was the next rider on the wait list and I couldn?t wait to call his parents to let him know he made it in. That night, I called his dad, Bubba Miller, and talked with him while he was at a rodeo and let him know Bradlee was officially a member of the MBR and he could call later to discuss more. The next day Bradlee?s mom, Tammy Miller, called to talk a little more about what needed to be done next and how excited they were to become part of the MBR. She let me know that the night before Bradlee was saying a prayer before they went to bed and he thanked God for letting a spot open for him in the MBR. That day I knew his faith was in the lord and he thanked him for everything he did. In 2014, Bradlee made the Chris Shivers MBR World Finals IV in Las Vegas, and at the end of the week, when I gave his check Bradlee and his parents smiled and thanked us and the lord for such a wonderful week. This week I chose to have Bradlee write an article about how he gives thanks to the lord and how he rides bulls for Jesus. ? Alysa Leal-Davis

??Being born into a rodeo family, it isn?t far-fetched for me to have been brought to this Earth with a natural craving for a rodeo arena. From the ripe young age of three years old I had a passion for riding bulls, but of course they just don?t toss you on?Chicken on a Chain at three. You start out small, so at 3 I started riding calves. Once I could ride whatever calf I drew under me, I was anxious for more. I moved up to steers and my strength and training grew. Now I?m competing on steers, and the miniature bulls. Each step I take is getting me closer and closer to my goal. To be a World?Champion Bull Rider. Of course the fact that my Dad competed in Bareback and Bull?Riding, helped me want to compete, from a young age my Dad has always been someone I respected and looked up too. It?s not just bull riding I love though. It?s the whole sport of Rodeo. I work both ends of the arena, of course some better than others, but I love every event bullriding just may be my favorite. Rodeo is a way of life for me and my family and one that I want to continue for my future family in the years ahead.?However, Rodeo wouldn?t be what it is to me without one key person. Jesus Christ. Not only was I raised with a passion for rodeo, but also raised with a family whose calling was to minister the gospel of Jesus Christ utilizing the rodeo arena. For us, rodeo and?Jesus go hand in hand. My Parents Pastor our church Branded For Christ Cowboy?Church, whose mission is to train up champions both in and out of the arena. We?ve produced and competed in rodeos all over the state of Texas. At each rodeo we keep?Christ as the Center and tell his story of grace and redemption. I guess I?m not what you would call a normal 12 year old. My day doesn?t involve going to school building, instead?I?m blessed to call my Mom my teacher, and my 8 year old Sister is my classmate. I feed and tend to our cattle and horses in the mornings, tackle my school work, and practice my events all on a daily basis. It?s on a daily basis that I get to see God working in my and my family?s life. See, God gives us the desires of our heart if we take delight in him, Psalm 37:4. My joy, my happiness isn?t controlled by the arena, it?s a direct reflection of my Lord and Savior. This makes rodeo even better, because no matter what win or lose in the arena I know I?m a Champ for Christ no matter what. My name is Bradlee Bronc Miller and Jesus Saves!??

There is so many things to be thankful, especially family, but the main person is Our Lord Jesus Christ! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!?