Miniature Bull Riders Association

2015 Chris Shivers MBR Cowboy Christmas Fanfest Invitational III

Section 1 December 3-5, 2015

Pee Wee Division

Round 1-

1st-Jaxon Cravens- 72 points

2nd-Jay Rodrique- 69 points

Round 2-

1st-Ryder Carpenetti- 69 points

2nd- Destin Morales-68 points

Round 3-

1st- Jay Rodrique- 78 points


1st- Jay Rodrique- 147 points

2nd- Jaxon Cravens- 72 points

3rd- Ryder Carpenetti- 69 points

4th- Destin Morales- 68 points


Thank you to Canyon Trevino, Waylon Buquoi, Colton Mewbourn, Bradon Doughty, and Fate Snyder for trying their hardest all 3 days, we are proud of all of ya’ll even if you didn’t make it to the 8 second buzzard.


Round 1-

1st- Seth Prejeant- 76 points

2nd- Zach Sanchez- 64 points

Round 2-

1st- Seth Prejeant- 66 points

Round 3-

1st- Zach Sanchez- 86.5 points

2nd- Seth Prejeant 82 points

3rd- Trevor Hebert- 61 points


1st- Seth Prejeant- 224 points

2nd- Zach Sanchez- 150.5 points

3rd- Trevor Hebert- 61 points

Section 2 December 7-9, 2015

Pee Wee

Round 1-

1st – Cooper Lane- 70.5 points

2nd- Gage Negrotto- 69 points

3rd- Tryan Gill- 68.5 points

4th- Parker Tune- 66 points

Round 2-

1st- Tryan Gill- 76 points

2nd- Gage Negrotto- 71 points

3rd- Lakin Obenoskey- 70 points

Round 3-

1st- Tryan Gill- 70 points

2nd- Lakin Obenoskey- 68 points


1st- Tryan Gill- 214.5 points

2nd- Gage Negrotto- 140 points

3rd- Lakin Obenoskey- 138 points

4th- Cooper-70.5 points

5th- Parker Tune- 66 points


Round 1-

1st- Braxton Thompson-77 points

Round 2-

1st- Braxton Thompson- 79 pointss

2nd- Brayden Kilcrease- 77 points

3rd- Jaycee Herbert- 72 points

Round 3-

1st-Jaycee Herbert- 72.5 points

2nd- Braxton Thompson- 71.5 points

3rd- Caison Burrus- 70 points


1st- Braxton Thompson- 227.5 points

2nd- Jaycee Herbert- 144.5 points

3rd- Braydan Kilcrease- 77 points

4th- Caison Burrus- 70 points


Round 1-

1st- Fletcher Jowers III- 84 points

2nd- Ryan Rought- 70 points

3rd- Cutter Kaylor- 69 points

Round 2-

1st- Cutter Kaylor- 76 points

2nd/3rd- Ryan Rought- 73 points

2nd/3rd- Fletcher Jowers III- 73 points

Round 3-

1st- Cutter Kaylor- 76 points

2nd- Ryan Rought- 71 points


1st- Cutter Kaylor- 221 points

2nd- Ryan Rought- 214 points

3rd- Fletcher Jowers III- 157 points

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